Robert – A Little Bit About The Photographer

Photograph by Howard Alban

Photography has fascinated me since I started shooting film back in high school in the 70s.

I still remember developing my first roll of black and white film in my bathroom at home. Even more dramatic was watching my first print come up in the developer at Ohio University in the Art Department darkroom. It was pure magic! (And a bit of chemistry!)

Photography has come a long way since then. We live in a digital world now, and yet I cannot but help returning to my roots in film, and so my photography today is a mixture of film and digital, chemistry and pixels. There is a definite texture to film photography which cannot quite be duplicated in our modern cameras, just as there are techniques and abilities in today’s cameras we could only dream of in the days of film. Each form has its place and unique voice.

As the name of this blog indicates, the focus of my photography is the capturing of light and of moments in time. Nature is a predominant theme, both the macro and the micro. But there is also beauty in shapes and forms, light and shadow, and geometric patterns whether natural or man-made.

Photography gives us the ability to really see into the world around us, with perspectives which allow us to see things in new ways. The seemingly familiar and commonplace are transformed into wonders of design, of texture, of form.

Suddenly the bark of a tree becomes a kaleidoscope of colors, a dog’s paw becomes so much more than fur and toenails, and the wings of a Dragonfly become an incredibly intricate grid of transparent wonder.

My interests in photography have spanned from photojournalism to fine art, and from the microscopic world of plants and insects, to the visible universe and astrophotography. A very personal sense of wonder pervades all that I photograph because I never cease to be amazed at the incredible Creation around us. Photography allows me to share that sense of wonder for what surrounds us and for what we as humans can contribute to this world.

Thank you for sharing in this journey with me. And I must also thank my wife, Jennifer, for her unending love and encouragement — she is a better woman than I deserve!

Robert (August 2019)