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July 31, 2019


Welcome to Momentary Light Photography!

This blog is an exploration of photography through images and words. Photography seeks to capture the beauty (and reality!) of the world around us in a moment of time. Photography is, at its most basic level, the momentary capturing of light revealing what would otherwise be hidden. Light is so much taken for granted, and most of us cannot imagine a world without light. But how much light do we truly see? How often do we gaze in wonder as light molds and shapes what our eyes behold?

Think of the many adjectives we use to describe light: warm, cool, bright, dim, harsh, soft, flattering, blinding, failing, morning, evening, midday – just to name a few. Or the synonyms we use: glow, gleam, radiance, luminescence, luster, sheen, shine.

Light evinces colors and emotions. Bright–>Yellow–>Warmth; Overcast–>Gray–>Somber. Bright light suggests openness, a fullness of comprehension, honesty. Shadows or faint light suggests mystery, something hidden as yet to be revealed, questions seeking answers. Color, or the lack thereof, influences how we perceive objects and people and surroundings.

An exploration of light both reveals and conceals, and this is why we photographers are enchanted with it. We seek to control light, but in the end we are the ones controlled because light always has the final say.

Yes, light is elusive and often has a mind of its own. But when light cooperates, Oh! What incredible beauty! What revelation! Is it any wonder the first command of God was “Let there be light!” And He saw that the light was good.

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