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Autumn Light and Colors

November 21, 2019

Nature teases us at times, hiding behind shadow and snow and fog. Autumn is a time where light and color play a special game. At times bright and colorful, and other times muted and understated.

Who hasn’t marveled at a shocking red leaf on the brown grass, or the blaze of gold as maple trees save their best colors for last? Pine cones on the ground amid thousands of brown and gold needles; a wave of yellow corn stalks dancing in the wind with the sun shining through the leaves – all of these delights make autumn beautiful, and alas, all too short.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere on the eastern edge of the Midwest, autumn seems to last only a few short days, more likely weeks, before winds and rain come through stripping the trees of their colorful glory. Still, there is much beauty to be found looking down along a wooded path or along a gently flowing stream. Fog often fills the sky in early mornings, whispering along the river, granting glimpses of what lies beyond as shimmerings of color peek through.

From the first hints of autumn, until the full effects of winter come upon us, nature often gives its best before hibernating in winter, and we await the first buds of spring.

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