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A World of Insects

September 2, 2019

The macro world is an amazing place, partly, at least, because we are typically unaware of its beauty. Like life within the ocean, there is a whole world of motion and activity happening below the surface. Some insects are easier to see than others, to be sure; but how often do we really see them?

I have become fascinated with close-up photography, and macro photography in particular. Close-up photography is typically described as less than 1:1 images. Macro is 1:1 or greater, like the spider image above. The spider is roughly the size of the tip of my baby finger, and he is reproduced here at about 2:1, or two times life-size.

Other images in this first Insect Gallery are photographed at 1:1 or less, but all give us unusual views and details we may never have seen before. A common house fly looks almost beautiful – something I never thought I could ever say!

A dragon fly watching me photograph him – it’s almost eerie as he stares at me, and yet so compelling! The intricacy of his wings was something I had never seen before. A flying ant on a leaf is a wonder of Creation! And even the flowers themselves are a study in complexity and beauty. Flowers within flowers, with colors designed to attract insects to carry their pollen, calling out “Hey! Look at me!!”

One might be tempted to think travel to exotic places would be required to find interesting insects and flowers, but these are right outside our doors, literally! My neighbor’s rose bush was a treasure-trove of interesting insects! There’s a botanical garden barely 10 minutes from my house previously unbeknownst to me which has already yielded some incredible photos, and which promises many more such images as the seasons change. Look for updates to my galleries for those images soon.

There exists little in the photography field which does not interest me, but I must admit, macro photography excites me. The camera opens a window into a world of intrigue and almost indescribable wonder and awe. What a privilege to gaze inside and share these images! Cheers!

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